Trisha Chetani Portfolio

My name is Trisha Chetani , I am Automation Enthusiast . I like to spend my time learning new technologies

Professional experience

project 1

Symphony Teleca (April 2013 - May 2014) Bangalore, India - Associate Product Engineer

  • Worked on manual testing
  • Understanding requirements.
  • Building and executing test cases
  • Reporting bugs
  • Retesting of bugs and taking to closure
  • project 2

    Amazon (May 2014 - Nov 2016) Bangalore, India - Quality Assurance Technician

  • Worked on mobile testing (Functional and nonfunctional testing) & automation of mobile test using Appium (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Worked on selenium for web browser testing using TestNG, selenium grid
  • Identify and build agreement within the team and Increased automation coverage for all platform mobile and web browser.
  • Worked on test plan
  • Worked on AWS services.
  • Worked on projects and build knowledge of SEO / Internet Traffic, product reviews and even local product sell online.
  • Worked on One Time Password automation using external services.
  • Build monitoring scripts for critical path flow and integrated with the reporting system
  • Worked on setting an AWS code pipeline to visualize the continuous delivery service you can use to model, visualize, and automate the steps required to release your software.
  • Involved in Defect triage across teams, Bug bash, Dogfooding of applications
  • project 3

    Visenze Singapore(Nov 2016 - May 2018) Singapore - Quality Analyst

  • Set up the release process & Agile process like daily scrum, sprint retrospective, sprint planning, sprint demo, sprint backlog refinement, etc.
  • Worked on making automation scripts, reliable and faster up to 5 min.
  • Adapted new open source technology javascript and framework like(jasmine, mocha, chai, protractor, docker, Jenkins,postman, newman, AI, ML, datasets, models)
  • Worked with crawler like Scrapy
  • Worked on the backend or microservices testing.
  • Worked on performance testing for web & mobile application.
  • Worked on SDK and widget testing which were reusable by frontend team.
  • Worked on building monitoring system of critical path flow and stabilize them.
  • Worked on setting code pipeline to visualize the continuous delivery service you can use to model, visualize, and automate the steps required to release your software using the spinnaker
  • Introduce mind mapping and brainstorming.
  • project 4

    Merck Sharp & Dohme(Jun 2018 - April 2019) Singapore - DevOps Test Engineer

  • 2nd tester in Singapore hub
  • Worked on improving the software process, building the test strategy
  • worked on robot framework
  • Worked on test plan
  • worked on understanding the product
  • Worked on understanding how to be complaince with new release
  • Worked on One Time Password automation using external services.
  • Build scripts for critical path flow and integrated with the reporting system
  • Worked on understand and explaining difference between testing and quality
  • Involved in Defect triage across teams
  • project 5

    Adidas (May 2019 - Till date) Spain - Software QA Engineer - M4

  • Lead team
  • Test strategy
  • Paired for devloping smoke test, performance test
  • Devloped understanding on liquibase
  • Devloped understanding elastic search, logstash, kibanna
  • worked on microservices
  • I am actively seeking for opportunity / open for challenging position / actively looking for to work on an open source projects and which requires travel across country

    Public Speaking:

    Tools Used :

    Good knowledge of Mobile Automation Testing on Android and iOS and Window (Appium) , Selenium (Web based application) , Protractor , GIT , Jenkins , docker , Restful APIs , Load and Performance test (JMETER) , JAVASCRIPT , SHELL , SQL , Mocha , Chai ,TestNG , Spinnaker , Gradle , Node , NPM , Selenium GRID , XCODE Instruments, Android Studio - profiling, postman, newman

    Automation Skills :

  • Creation of automation test plans.
  • Identification of scenarios which are to be automated.
  • Writing the test script manually and descriptive.
  • Execution of Test Scripts and regression suite.
  • Bug Reporting.
  • Reporting and Maintaining.
  • Experience in creating test automation scripts using Selenium and Appium for Web/Mobile based application.
  • Reduce test execution time using Selenium Grid (Provides parallel execution and running multiple platform).
  • Experience in creating test automation scripts using Mocha and Chai for RestFul Services.
  • Experience in creating test automation scripts using JMETER for performance testing of RestFul Services.
  • Hands-on working experience of DevOps tools (i.e, Git , Jenkins , JIRA , Docker , spinnaker etc)
  • Extensive practical experience with the testing framework Selenium , Junit , protractor , jasmine , Mocha , Chai , TestNG
  • Build continuous test environments using Jenkins to construct test platform
  • Build continuous integration and Deployment using spinnaker pipeline for reduce time of deployment cycle
  • Testing Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).
  • Understanding the Business Requirement.
  • Creation of Test Strategies and Master Test Plans for projects/releases.
  • Worked in Functional, Integration, System, Compatibility, Regression Testing, UAT with Customer Mind Set.
  • Non Functional Testing for Mobile Web and App: ie e Performance benchmarking : 2G and 3G , Gestures, Network Connectivity.
  • Translated business requirements into test cases/test scripts and execution thereof and prepared test summary reports.
  • Well versed with all testing concepts and methodologies and good experience in preparation, review and execution of test cases.
  • Delivered Test Activity Reporting including Metrics, Planning and Execution progress, Defect status.
  • Involved in Defect triage across teams.
  • Testing Client-Server,Web based applications and Back End Test using AWS.
  • Involved in preparation of Requirement Traceability Matrix.
  • Basic knowledge of working with SQL commands.
  • Post Implementation Reviews with Recommendations and Lessons Learned
  • Process :

  • Experience in set up Test Process Improvement and Collecting Metrics.
  • Knowledge of Agile Testing Methodologies, Exploratory Testing, Scrum, mind mapping/brainstorming
  • Preparing and executed DOD [definition of done] check list for user story picked up in the sprint.

  • Tips to improve quality for project :

  • A definition of quality for your team / projects
  • Define the proper metrics you will use that it meet the requirement: Get the metrics from stakeholder and work towards to achieve as a team
  • Achieve objectives: Proper planning and breakdown and deliverables : Sprint Planning, Retrospectives at team level as well as project level
  • Have ownership of task includes Improve Communication with relevant stakeholders :Daily Scrum, Share test reports, Involve developer/Tester to review your automated test cases/Test plan etc and incorporate comment.
  • Set the process to evaluate quality before launching every new release : provide and agree on a process and place for multiple perspectives to be applied
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Testing innovations : Generate new ideas and insights.
  • Reporting the results to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Combine the knowledge of many individuals : Share the knowledge among team.
  • Create an environment/feedback where the input from people at all levels is valued : Dogfooding, Internal Bug Bash with team, Test Plan review, Automated test review , Usability Test of project.
  • Create a quality checks for each projects and share to team :Unit testing, Static analysis of code, Code formatter, Whether the project have CI,CD(if not steps to improve), setting up test environment, setup in test framework, reducing its complexity Test environments, both integration test and staging environments, are a good starting point to look at the testability of the system and UAT.
  • Have a operational excellence day(For a day/Bi-weekly/Monthly): All the team work on operational issue of project and share the improvement.
  • Production Issue: Identify the production issue and Do the root cause analysis.(Identify the cause and find the approach and make sure issue will not happen again).
  • Have a loop where different folks(Business, PM, QA, DEV, DESIGNER, SALES etc) give continuous feedback and improvement about project/domain/Individuals/Team
  • Fast Automation of new features and existing features.
  • Prioritize the issue which are not fixed/pending from long time for launched projects.(May be monthly once)
  • Involve earlier in project requirement discussion and test early.
  • Think about non-functional issues in your project: i.e, Security, Performance, Memory Leaks, ANR- Application is not responsive, monitoring system etc and share to the team.(Perform monthly once -depends what suitable to the team) as a whole product business critical scenario/new launched products. (Though we have tested and done sign off when project is signed off).
  • Ask new joinee for project feedback/improvement they could think off.
  • Define Minimal acceptance test for your project and make sure it executed(Manual/Automated) by dev before starting QA/While handing over to QA for particular project.
  • Add online Monitoring and trigger alarm for right person with RCA